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Spotting Stereotypes in Storybooks

A workshop for parents to recognzie stereotypes and racist representations in children's books.


On April 7th, we organized a 1.5 hour workshop called Spotting Stereotypes in Storybooks. This workshop teaches parents how to recognize racist, stereotypical or negative representations in children’s books.


This free workshop invites parents to participate in an interactive lesson, filled with reflection exercises, group discussions, and practice.  Parents will practice identifying problematic stereotypes in children’s books, how to talk about both negative and positive representations, and how to balance diverse stories and affirming stories. Parents will finish the workshop feeling confident and equipped with the right tools to share positive and affirming representations of BIPOC communities during story time.

The Problem With Stereotypes in Children's Books


Bias and systemic racism become internalized as early as 6 months of age. Studies show that at 6 months, babies begin to differentiate between races and develop biases towards their own race (Dr. Kang Lee, 2017). This process can be disrupted by early and consistent exposure to people of different races. Xenolearn’s mission is to make the world safer for human differences, and so also includes awareness, understanding and acceptance of all human differences in our work (i.e. different races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, nationalities, physical abilities, neurodivergences, etc.).

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand that everyone (including children’s book authors) have a lens through which they see the world.
  • Recognize that these identities and biases influence the way their art / writings are created.
  • Identify negative and positive representations in children’s books.
  • Develop the language and vocabulary to talk about problematic representations or stereotypes with children.

About Xenolearn

Xenolearn is a virtual learning hub for diversity, equity and inclusion. Our mission is to make to flip xenophobia on it’s head, from fearing others to learning about and loving each other.


We deliver this message through our virtual learning hub, our book club, our podcast, our classes and coaching. Everyone can learn about diversity, equity and inclusion at Xenolearn, and how to put these values into practice. learning hub for diveresity, equity and inclusion. Our mission is to make the world safer for human differences. We do so through our virtual learning hub, our book club, our podcast, our classes and coaching.

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