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What Do We Offer?

Becoming a More Inclusive Family

A toolkit for appreciating seen and unseen differences.

This course is for any family that wants to raise children that value diversity, inclusion and belonging.“Becoming a More Inclusive Family” draws on Anthropological theory and Liberating Structures to teach a series of simple and useful tools for parents push their comfort zones. From young families to experienced ones, participants will be challenged to learn about racism and its consequences, how our identities influence our lens, how to talk about human differences with children of all ages and how to live a life that embodies diversity and inclusion. 


This course includes:

  • 4 x 1.5 hr group classes on CrowdCast
  • Group App with Supportive community
  • PDF Booklet of lessons, content, reflection exercises and resources.

Self-guided course: 50$ | Group course: 100$

Family Coaching Package

Becoming a More Inclusive Family Course + Personal Coaching

This package combines the content from the Becoming a More Inclusive Family Course with personalized tips and strategies designed for your family and context.


  • 5 x 1hr personal coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • PDF Booklet of lessons, content, reflection exercises and resources.
  • Personalized tips and strategies designed for your family and context.
  • Personalized lists of BIPOC content (books, storybooks, films and tv shows) for children.
  • Story-Time Zoom Call with children reading a Children’s Book together.

Personal Coaching: 150$

Book Club Fundraisers

Raise Awareness and Money for a Good Cause!

The Xenolearn Book Club Fundraiser is designed to help NGOs and non-profit organizations raise two
things: awareness and money. We do so by organizing a Book Club in cooperation with the NGO/nonprofit, and after covering the costs of organizing and facilitation, the organization keeps all the profits. It’s a perfect opportunity to raising awareness of a certain cause, issue or perspective, while receiving financial support from your community.


Benefits of the Xenolearn Book Club Fundraiser:

  • Allows you to raise awareness about a particular topic/issue and help educate.
  • Allows community members to engage and learn with organization in a new way.
  • Goes beyond performative activism by educating and supporting organizations doing the work.

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