Creating inclusive and pluralist learning resources for educators

You Go Above and Beyond For Your Students

We see the teachers that go above and beyond your job description to ensure that your students learn and grow, in and outside of the classroom.

We hear the teachers who say that you want to take the time to create new lessons, units or projects that better reflect reality but don’t have the time or the energy in the workday. 

We want to help the teachers who want to tackle issues of inclusion, representation and diversity in the curriculum, but don’t know where to start.

Diversity and Inclusion Lesson Plan Swap & Workshop

With the Black Lives Matter protests in June and the renewed urgency of the fight for equal rights, respect and treatment of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC), you are probably wondering how you are going to talk about it with your students. It’s a tough topic to discuss. Where can you find resources? Has anyone tried this before? How do you do it justice?



We are looking for 20 educators who either have lesson plans or need lesson plans on: diversity, inclusion, stereotypes, representation, history, society and/or human rights. The plan is simple: breakout into groups of 4 to present your lesson plan and share it’s strengths, weaknesses, and classroom successes. In return, you will receive 3 new lesson plans that will help your classrooms become more diverse and inclusive. It’s a true “teachers helping teachers” kind of approach!



See you on August 24th at 4pm (CEST for Europe) // 10am (EDT for US and Canada)!

This workshop is an experiment for Xenolearn! Xenolearn’s mission is to create and curate diverse and pluralist resources for teachers. As a result, participation in this workshop is entirely donation based and it’s up to you how much you donate after the workshop. Think of it like one of those “free” walking tours: donate what you thought the workshop was worth. Any amount is appreciated and also helps us know how valuable the workshop was and how we can improve.

We want to hear from you!

We are developing inclusive and pluralist resources for educators so that they can more easily discuss issues of stereotypes, representation, inclusion, diversity, intersectionality, and the fullness of human experiences.


We are researching how best we can share our knowledge with you, and we invite teachers to be a part of that process.


What tools can we give teachers to foster a safe space for questioning, challenging, and understanding human differences, while encouraging empathy, connection and respect?

What Do You Think?

How can we serve you?

Learning Materials?

Can we serve you by offering pluralist resources like lesson plans, teaching guides, reflection questions, handouts, assignments, tests, and books, that can be added to existing curriculums?

Webinars and Workshops?

Can we serve you by offering comprehensive online workshops that invite teachers to reflect on themselves, the curriculum they teach, and how they can incorporate inclusive resources into their classroom?

Database of Perspectives?

Can we serve you by offering a platform to share resources between teachers around the world so that you can find out how other of different backgrounds are teaching the same subject you are?

Which subjects can we help you with?






Secondary Langauges


Physical Education

We want to hear from you!

Thank you for helping us create more inclusive and pluralist classrooms across the world.

We are so grateful for your time, energy and feedback.

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