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The Road to Equity

Presented by Kayren Gray

To set all students up for success, leaders must begin a conversation to celebrate and recognize diversity, nurture a culture of inclusion, and understand equity in education. In this conversation, participants will self-identify their individual role in implementing cultural change and learn the Five C’s to Construct an Equitable Classroom, Campus, and Community. Embark on the journey to understand the importance of DE&I in our schools – creating access and opportunity to set each student up for success.


Join us to break barriers and set your classroom up for success as we identify, implement, and inspire real change to create more inclusive, and equitable spaces for all students to thrive. If we do not address equity within our profession, we leave each educator and leader to define what is fair, just, and equal, based on their own backgrounds and life experiences. Be a Barrier Breaker on #theroadtoequity.

Perfect For Teachers and School Administration!

Workshop Details

Learning Objectives

  • Confront bias and understand barriers and roadblocks to learning.
  • Create opportunities to build meaningful relationships.
  • Collaborate through curriculum, lessons, and practices.
  • Commit to setting all students up for success.
  • Celebrate diversity by building an inclusive, equitable classroom.

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About the Workshop Presenter

Kayren Gray

Consultant, Barrier Breaker, Author of "The Road to Equity"

Kayren grew up in southeast Texas. She was raised by a single mother and grew up with her four sisters. Growing up in an environment where no one looked like her shaped her workshop topics and themes. Struggling to define her self-worth, Kayren persevered through challenges and overcame social inequities along her path to success. She entered education to champion for students who often felt like her – silenced, marginalized, ignored, or assumed. She brings experience as a public school Teacher, Coordinator of Student Activities, Assistant Principal, and now DE&I advocate.


Kayren earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Texas A&M Central Texas and Master’s Degree from Lamar University in Educational Administration with Principal Certification. Entering public education nearly a decade ago, her focus was to share her own passion for learning with others and ultimately, impact the lives of students who felt that history—or school for that matter—was not for them. She soon realized and began to understand how important it is for students of color to see success in people who look like them. By building meaningful relationships and making learning culturally-relevant, Mrs. Gray vowed to equip students with not just content, but skills they can utilize beyond school and in the real world. In 2014, she was recognized as Ellison High School’s Teacher of the Year and Killeen ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year Finalist.


She is the author of The Road to Equity: The Five C’s to Construct an Equitable Classroom. She is also part of MK Results, LLC, a collective of nine other like-minded educators with a vision to change the narrative, empower others, and be examples of embracing diversity.

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The Road to Equity
August 11th at 3:00pm (EST)!


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