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The Conversation Continues

Exploring Culture, Race & Racism with Leroy Hibbert

During this conversation participants will gain insight into the complexities of race, racism, cultural misconceptions, microaggressions, and unconscious proclivities. Through this reflective discussion, attendees will be provided with practical tools that can serve as a catalyst for building healthy cross-cultural and racial relationships.


The cultural and racial landscape of the world has changed. While it’s an adjustment for many we can provide an atmosphere that will create a path of understanding and growth.

Perfect For High School Teachers!

Workshop Details

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of race and racism.
  • Recognize cultural misconceptions as they happen in the classroom. 
  • Understand microaggressions, what they are, they’re compounding impact and how to avoid them.
  • Identify unconscious biases and proclivities.
  • Apply practical tools to build healthy cross cultural and racial relationships.

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About the Workshop Presenter

Leroy Hibbert

Educator and Consultant

Leroy is married to a wonderful woman named Helen and they have two grandchildren.


As a workshop facilitator, educator and consultant, he addresses critical issues that range from cultural engagement, racial equality, character development, leadership and positive communication. By having these conversations participants gain insight into the importance cultural appreciation, racial understanding, and the importance of a person’s lived experience in fostering healthy communities.

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The Conversation Continues
August 11th at 1:30pm (EST)!


Attend The Conference!

Sales Start on June 14th! (Conference passes will be sold in USD.)

Single Workshop Pass

Price to Attend 1 Workshop
$ 79
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Two Workshop Pass

Price to Attend 2 Workshops
$ 149
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Conference Pass

Full Entry to Entire Conference
$ 199
Early Bird Ends July 19th
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  • 25% Discount off Merchandise
  • Workshop Recording for 6 Months
  • Additional Bonuses & Discounts
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