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Developing the Next Generation of Little Allies

Presented by Julie Kratz

In this highly collaborative session, inclusive leadership speaker and trainer Julie Kratz will share stories, ideas, and research from her new children’s book, Little Allies. We’ll discuss the importance and impact of having conversations about diversity, inclusion, and allyship earlier with the children in our lives. Julie wrote this book in response to difficult conversations about racism at home with her own daughters. Little Allies and this session are meant to be a resource to help parents and people leaders everywhere guide little ones along this journey towards allyship.


Teachers and educators should join this workshop because they’ll gain tools and resources to have more effective conversations about diversity, increase inclusive behaviour across communities, plus the chance to purchase Little Allies at a discounted  bulk purchase rate! 

Perfect For Elementary School Teachers!

Workshop Details

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why we need to talk to kids and start this conversation earlier.
  • Learn what being an ally means – allyship starts at home and kids naturally enjoy diversity.
  • How to be an ally – Allyship is a journey, and adults are modelling it every day.
  • Practice achieving your goals through commitments – Little allies that write down goals are far more likely to succeed.

Your FREE Resource

  • Worksheets for educators.

About the Workshop Presenter

Julie Kratz

Inclusion Consultant and Trainer

Julie Kratz is a highly-acclaimed TEDx speaker and inclusive leadership trainer who led teams and produced results in corporate America. After experiencing many career “pivot points” of her own, she started her own speaking business focused on helping leaders be more inclusive. Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Julie is a frequent keynote speaker, podcast host, and executive coach. She holds an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, is a Certified Master Coach, and is a certified unconscious bias trainer.


Her books include Pivot Point: How to Build a Winning Career Game Plan, ONE: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality, and Lead Like an Ally: A Journey Through Corporate America with Strategies to Facilitate Inclusion.


Meet Julie at

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Learn More About Little Allies!

Intersectionality and Starbucks
August 10th at 1:30pm (EST)!


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