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Incorporating Multiculturalism in the Classroom

Presented by Thuraya Zeidan

The purpose of this presentation is to provide educators with lessons and strategies in order to incorporate multicultural learning in their classroom. It is not sufficient for educators to simply “throw in” a lesson that appears to have diverse characters, without being sure first that the text is authentic. Our students deserve to be, and should be, part of the learning process. This includes Black, Indigenous, People of Color, people with disabilities, refugees, immigrants, people who identify with LGBTQA+ and any other people who are marginalized and underrepresented in school curricula.


Teachers will learn why it is crucial to include all students in the learning process, marginalized students in particular, and on the consequences of not including marginalized students. We will discuss lesson plan samples, and teachers will have an opportunity to begin creating some of their own lesson plans. We must be able to include the contributions of all people if we want to centre teaching with a social justice lens.

Perfect For Elementary, Middle and High School Teachers!

Workshop Details

Learning Objectives

  • Create at least one lesson that they can implement in their classroom that reflects multiculturalism.
  • Become aware of the consequences their marginalized students face, being both underrepresented and misrepresented in their learning process.
  • Incorporate lessons and texts (short stories, poetry, articles) that reflect their students’ backgrounds into their lesson plans.

Your FREE Resource

  • Carefully designed handouts for classes.

About the Workshop Presenter

Thuraya Zeidan


Thuraya Zeidan is an English teacher and adjunct in New Jersey. She gives presentations and workshops on multiculturalism in the classroom and anti-racist teaching. She is also part of racial equity committees and serves on the member advisory council. Thuraya writes poetry and short stories, inspired by being a Palestinian, woman, and social justice advocate.


Her work focuses on including the marginalized in school curricula, where it is long overdue and needed in all of our schools. She promote equity in the classroom and want to ensure student perspectives and experiences are brought to the forefront. My research interests include anti-racist teaching, multicultural literature, developing culturally responsive instruction and the lived experiences of students from diverse backgrounds. She give workshops/presentations to teachers and other learners because our students of color, Black students, LGBT students, students with visible and invisible disabilities, immigrants, refugees and other marginalized students should be reflected in their learning, in an authentic way.


The only way forward in education is anti-racist and multicultural teaching.

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Incorporating Multiculturalism In the Classroom
Friday, August 13th, at 1:30pm.


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