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Dreaming Up an
Anti-Racist Math Classroom!

Presented by Neha Sobti

Come create the Math classroom we all needed in our youth!


This workshop for educators of all types will sharpen your anti-racist lens and engage you in anti-racist practices for the Math Classroom. It’s an introduction to what an anti-racist Math classroom could look and feel like. We will racialize what it means to be a “mathematician” and explore ways dominant Math curriculum and pedagogy cause harm to BIPoC students. Grounded in a shared understanding of anti-racist values, we will explore ways to adopt a culturally sustaining approach to Mathematics. We will draw from our own experiences as Math educators, as well as the research of Dr. Gholdy Muhammad, Dr. Zaretta Hammond and Dr. Chris Emdin. The goal is to leave the session inspired, dreaming and ready to start engaging in anti-racist work with the Math geniuses in your community.

Anti-racism and Culturally Sustaining Practices don’t just belong in the humanities. It’s also time for a drastic change in how we teach Math. Come dream with me, learn from our ancestors, and create anti-racist Math classrooms that affirm students of all identities.

Perfect For Elementary, Middle and High School Teachers!

Workshop Details

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how racism manifests in the Math classroom.
  • Discuss ways Math education must be transformed for an anti-racist future.
  • Engage with culturally sustaining and anti-racist tools and practices for Math.
  • Dream up our own anti-racist Math classrooms!

Your FREE Resource

  • Carefully designed handouts for classes.

About the Workshop Presenter

Neha Sobti

Doctoral Candidate and Educational Administrator

Neha Sobti is a Transformative Justice practitioner, anti-racist school leader, scholar and poet. She supports educators in creating school communities grounded in relationships, healing, care, and culturally sustaining practices. She dreams and leads conversations about dismantling systems of racism in schools while supporting you on your journey to adopt anti-racist and transformative practices.


Neha is currently a Doctoral Student at New York University in the Department of Administration, Leadership and Technology. She writes on topics of school discipline and transformative/restorative justice in education.

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Dreaming Up an Anti-Racist Math Classroom
Tuesday, August 10th, at 3pm.


Attend The Conference!

Sales Start on June 14th! (Conference passes will be sold in USD.)

Single Workshop Pass

Price to Attend 1 Workshop
$ 79
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$ 149
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Conference Pass

Full Entry to Entire Conference
$ 199
Early Bird Ends July 19th
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