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We raise awareness and money for diversity, equity and inclusion causes!

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Celebrate Pride and Read Queer Intentions With Us!

Join us around the world as we read Amelia’s journey around the Western world and the vastly different experiences and rights of the LGBTQIA+ communities. Join her as she cries at the first same-sex marriage in Britain, loses herself in the world’s biggest drag convention in L.A., marches at Pride parades across Europe, visits both a transgender model agency and the Anti-Violence Project in New York to understand the extremes of trans life today, parties in the clubs of Turkey’s underground LGBTQ+ scene, and meets a genderless family in progressive Stockholm.


How can we build an inclusive society in which everyone is valued and respected, no matter a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation? Together, we’ll read about LGBTQIA+ issues, discrimination, intersectionality, and the long road that must still be paved for many people to be themselves.


Every Book Club that we’ve organized at Xenolearn strives to both educate and empower. That’s why we will donate 50% of the proceeds to the LGBTQIA+ organization, Colored Qollective.

Come Read with Us!

The Xenolearn Book Club is a brave space to read books on the subjects of diversity, equity and inclusion, antiracism, or identity celebration. We want to raise awareness, while raising money for the causes that we’re educating ourselves on.


The Book Club is a great place for people who love to read, who want to grow and learn on their antiracism journeys, and who want to broaden their understanding of the world.

How Does it Work?

Xenolearn will hold two Zoom calls. One at the beginning of the book, and one at the end of the book. During these meetings calls, we will lean into the uncomfortable conversations, engage in reflection exercises, and challenge our preconceptions and beliefs.


The cost of participation in the book club is 20 €/$USD General, 10 €/$USD  for students/interns (book not included). 85% of the cost of participation is donated to an organization whose cause is connected to the mission of the book.


In the past, we’ve donated to:

The Hague Peace Projects, Nederland Wordt Beter, Facing History and Ourselves, and Campaign Zero. 

Book Club Reviews

Why Pay for a Book Club?

An Educational Experience


To make sure that all of the the information you’re reading doesn’t go in one ear, out the other, we’ll have stimulating conversations, engage in reflection exercises, and ask special guests how we can make changes in our own lives.

Accountability and Community

Reading and discussing with peers and in small groups regularly means that you will be more likely to read the book, engage with these new lessons, and practice more inclusive behaviours over time.

100% Proceeds Donated


We are a nonprofit company because we believe that business can be a form of activism. These are long-standing issues that will require long-term solutions, including regular donations the organizations advocating for the rights and human dignity of those most deeply affected.

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