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28 April 2021

Ep 17: Valuing Indigenous Voices and Stories with Wapikoni’s Odile Joannette

Odile was the Executive Director of Wapikoni, an organization that teaches filmmaking to Indigenous Youth across Canada and around the world, for three years. Wapikoni travels to Indigenous communities with fully equipped mobile studios to empower Indigenous Youth and encourage them to find their voices…

Spotting Stereotypes in Storybooks – Workshop with Delft Mama

Xenolearn is organizing a free workshop for parents and caretakers of young children to recognize stereotypes and racist representations in children’s books.

Ep 16: Creating Inclusive Storybooks for Children with Author SJ Childs

Sara Bradford is a children’s book author, known by her pen name SJ Childs. Her storybooks help children learn about and understand the experiences of individuals with dyslexia, down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, physical differences, and more…

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