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31 March 2021

Ep 15: Listening and Learning from Latinx Stories with Joe Arredondo

Joe is a 30 something gay Latinx man in the United States on a journey exploring, educating, and highlighting Latinx, BIPOC, and marginalized leaders. He hosts a podcast called My Latinx Life, where he chats with…

Ep 14: Empowering Indigenous Youth with We Matter’s Modeste McKenzie

Modeste is a youth support worker, a proud father, and the National Policy & Grant Coordinator of We Matter. We Matter is an Indigenous youth-led organization dedicated to Indigenous youth support, hope and life promotion. Overwhelmed by the number of suicides and other issues Indigenous youth face, they wanted to create…

Spotting Stereotypes in Storybooks

Xenolearn is organizing a free workshop for parents and caretakers of young children to recognize stereotypes and racist representations in children’s books.

Ep 13: Embracing the Fullness of Asian American Identities with Dr. Ken Fong

Dr. Ken Fong started a podcast in 2015 at the suggestion of a colleague because Asian American voices were missing from the conversation. Since 2015, Ken’s weekly podcast explores the cultural, artistic, historical and spiritual aspects of Asian American Communities. In this episode, we ask Ken…

Ep 12: Championing Women in STEM with STEMAZING’s Alex Knight

Alex is the Founder of STEMAZINGltd. STEMAZING’s mission is to ignite inspiration and amplify inclusion in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years’ Industry experience, she has experienced the benefits of more diverse teams but also the barriers to diversity and inclusion. In this episode, we talk about…

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 15 Free Resources for Teachers and Learners Monday, March 8th, 2021, marks International Women’s Day….

Ep 11: Exploring Gender Equality with Equalista’s Theo Kauffeld

Theresa Kauffeld, known by her childhood nickname Theo, is the Co-founder of Equalista, the world’s first mobile learning app helping users to understand and act on gender equality. In this episode of The Xenolearn Podcast, Theo explains what gender equality is and why there is still a lot of work to do towards gender equality. Learn tips to…

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