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28 October 2020

Ep 3: The Power of Stories with Berber Hidma

Berber is a professional story-teller and founder of the tour company “Tours that Matter”. She joins us this week to talk about the power of stories and their ability to connect humans across boundaries and differences. She starts the…

Ep 2: A Smile is Universal with Traveller Logan Ly

Logan is a world-traveller with 84 stamps in his passport. He joins us on the podcast this week to talk about growing up as a third-culture kid, the experience of immigrating, debunking stereotypes through travel and how you can travel too. Listen to us play a little game to get started…

Ep 1: Lessons from a Lifetime of Teaching with Christine Boucher

Christine is a retired high-school English teacher. She spent most of her 31-year career at a small Catholic French high school in London, Ontario, Canada. She shares some very insightful experiences and lessons about teaching, and particularly, the power of…

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