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Antiracism Tools for Teachers Conference!

Learn From Antiracism Educators!

Do you want to make a difference in your classroom, but don’t know where to start? Then join the Antiracism Tools for Teachers Conference!


The Antiracism Tools For Teachers Conference is a series of workshops by DEI, antiracism and education professionals. Join any of the 10 workshops we’re offering to learn useful and practical tools to foster an antiracist classroom.


You’ll start the school year prepared with new tools, skills and resources. Start this school year off on the right foot feeling empowered, capable and confident!

Xenolearn Courses

A toolkit for appreciating seen and unseen differences.

This course is for any family that wants to raise children that value diversity, inclusion and belonging.“Becoming a More Inclusive Family” draws on Anthropological theory and Liberating Structures to teach a series of simple and useful tools for parents push their comfort zones. From young families to experienced ones, participants will be challenged to learn about racism and its consequences, how our identities influence our lens, how to talk about human differences with children of all ages and how to live a life that embodies diversity and inclusion. 

This course includes:

  • 4 x 1.5 hr group classes on CrowdCast
  • Group App with Supportive community
  • PDF Booklet of lessons, content, reflection exercises and resources.

The Xenolearn Podcast

If you could teach the next generation one thing, what would it be?

Tune in every Wednesday to hear how each of these guests makes the world

a safer place for human differences, as they share their stories and answer the question:

“If you could teach the next generation one thing about diversity, inclusion and belonging, what would it be?”

Xenolearn Learning Hub

Xenolearn has created a series of Wakelet lists to help you on your journey to learn diversity and inclusion.

Click on our lists and start learning about diversity, differences, and other human experiences!

Xenolearn Postcards!

Support Xenolearn and buy a Postcard!

When Xenolearn began in April 2020, it was a two sided PDF with a simple mission: try to make the world safer for human differences. Today, eight months later, Xenolearn is a thriving virtual learning hub! We have hosted 3 Book Clubs, interviewed 10 experts, teachers and advocates for our podcast, curated over 1500 resources for students and teachers, and donated €500 to diversity and inclusion organizations! And this is just the beginning!

We have big plans for Xenolearn in 2021. But to show our appreciation to our committed and passionate community of Xenolearners, we are selling Xenolearn Thank You Postcards for €12!

What Is Xenolearn?

Xenolearn is a nonprofit company that seeks to make the world safer for human differences by creating, collecting and sharing resources that help us understand human differences, connect to each other’s universal human experiences, and respect each other’s right to be different.

We want to do our part to make the world safer for human differences by learning from others.

As a start-up, we  currently are working on three separate things:

a Book Club, a Podcast, and Education Resources for teachers.

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